Home & Community Based Services

Non-Medicaid Home and Community Based Services include a range of solutions to help older Georgians live safely, healthily, and independently in their homes and communities.

The Home and Community Based Services program is mandated through the Older Americans Act.  It assists individuals age 60 and older and their caregivers. (Note that consumers may be eligible at 55 years old for some programs such as senior employment and kinship care.)  


The Division of Aging Services administers, contracting with 12 Area Agencies on Aging, to regionally manage the program and consumer case management. 


FAQs for changes to HCBS wait list.


How to Get Local Help


For information & assistance, eligibility screening, and referral to community services/ resources, contact your regional Area Agency on Aging:      

Select a county:

Select a city:


Available services in your community may include:


Nutrition and Wellness 

Congregate (group) Meals at Senior Centers

Home-Delivered Meals

Nutrition and Wellness Education


Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 

  (See CDSMP under "Other Services.")

Physical Fitness Classes

Senior Recreation


 In-Home Services 


Emergency Response Services


Respite Care 

(services that offer a brief period of rest for family caregivers)


Friendly Visiting 

(home visits to reduce isolation)


Telephone Reassurance 

(regular phone calls to reduce isolation and check on an elder’s safety)


Homemaker Services 

(light housekeeping, meal preparation, etc.)

Chore Services


Personal Care Assistance 

(stand-by prompting or hands-on help with bathing, dressing, and similar  activities of daily living)


Caregiver Programs


Education and Support Groups

Adult Day Services

(daytime care and meals in a supervised group community setting)


Mobile Day Care (Click here.)


Kinship Care Programs
(Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children)


Education and Support


Case Management




Access to Respite

(services to provide a brief period of relief for caregivers, exs:  summer camps and child care)


Information about Special Services

(Exs: Legal Assistance, Tutoring, Respite, etc.)


Other Services


Home Modification and Repair


Home Management Training

(training in self-help and self-care skills, training in daily living skills)


Material Aid

(Limited Availability: payments to or on behalf of an elder for housing/shelter, transportation, utilities, food, etc.)

Mental Health Counseling

Community and Public Education

Home Sharing



Senior Community Service Employment Program (Click here)
(Adults who are 55 or older and who meet income eligibility requirements can receive training, on-the-job experience in community settings, and assistance with securing private employment through SCSEP services.)


Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP)

CDSMP is an evidence-based, train-the-trainer program developed by Stanford University to help promote the empowerment of persons with chronic conditions or those caring for persons with chronic conditions to be able to live well and not be consumed by the condition.  Participants of a Live Well CDSMP Workshop meet for 2-1/2 hours, once a week, for six weeks and learn techniques to deal with the common symptoms shared across various conditions (pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, depression, difficult emotions, tense muscles, and stress/anxiety). 


Livable Communities Initiatives
Special initiatives help communities build their capacity to meet the needs of a growing aging population.  Livable Communities efforts relate to housing, community mobility, environmental health, civic engagement, and more.




Online Directives Information System (ODIS)