Respite Care

Respite care offers temporary substitute supports, allowing family members or other caregivers brief opportunities for rest or relief from care giving.

Respite care activities are planned with input from the caregiver, based upon an assessment of his/her needs and the degree of physical and cognitive impairment of the care receiver. Service activities are grouped into three levels.

Level 1 Services
Helping the care receiver with activities which require no special qualifications/training.

Examples include providing companionship, supervision, social or leisure activities or simple meal preparation (cooking or reheating).

Level 2 Services
Helping with activities of daily living for which special qualifications/training is required, but for which a licensed health practitioner is not required.

Examples include personal care, lifting, turning, transferring, providing reminders for and assistance with self-administration of medications.

Level 3 Services
Providing medically-related services, such as medication administration, health monitoring or wound dressing and any other tasks which must be performed by a licensed health practitioner.

The Division of Aging Services (DAS) administers this program through the Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs). Contact your local AAA for more information.