Addressing senior hunger through Meeting the Community’s Needs

The information here provides background information, key resources and ways to meet the community’s needs. You will gain knowledge about assessing the community’s needs, how you can help and where to refer seniors for resources and services in their communities. Let us address the opportunities to leverage the unique experience of seniors in Georgia and to identify the risks factors for senior hunger.

Key Statistics on Meeting the Community’s Needs in Georgia

Your first stop in understanding food access in Georgia outside of the ones you know is looking at the statistics we shared in Key Statistics on Senior Hunger. There you had the opportunity to see some key state level demographics of older Georgians.

Strategies for Meeting the Community’s Needs in Georgia

  • Participate in your region’s Senior Hunger Coalition
  • Share best practices in addressing senior hunger in your region
  • Identify your region’s needs and let the state agency connected to the service or resource need know how they can help
  • Engage with seniors who are at risk of hunger and check for available resources
  • Get involved to help address the needs of today’s seniors