In-Home Services

Emergency Response Services
Installation and monitoring of an in-home electronic support system that provides two-way communication to geographically and socially isolated individuals; system provides daily 24-hour access to a medical control center

Home Modification and Repair
Housing improvement services that promote the safety and well-being of adults in their homes; designed to increase accessibility, reduce the risk of injury, and improve older adults’ ability to stay at home; may also include the purchase of certain assistive devices

Home Management Training
Guidance in developing self-help and self-care skills; training in daily living skills for people with functional limitations

Friendly Visiting 
Home visits to reduce isolation

Telephone Reassurance 
Regular phone calls to reduce isolation and check on an elder’s safety

Homemaker Services 
Assistance such as meal preparation, shopping for personal items, managing money, using the telephone, or performing light housework

Chore Services
Non-continuous household maintenance and assistance in heavy housework, yard work, or sidewalk maintenance

Personal Care Assistance 
Stand-by prompting or hands-on help with bathing, dressing, and similar  activities of daily living

The Division of Aging Services (DAS) administers this program through the Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs). Contact your local AAA for more information.