Georgia Abuse Neglect Exploitation (GANE) App

The GANE App was developed for law enforcement and other professionals who need quick access to tools and resources in the field when responding to crimes involving vulnerable adults. When activated with a special code available only to law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, and Healthcare Facility Regulation, the app allows access to:

  • Georgia Law: A list of crimes specifically related to vulnerable adults, with an identification of crimes with enhanced penalties.
  • Reporting Agencies: A list of social service and regulatory agencies to report suspected abuse, neglect and exploitation of a vulnerable adult (O.C.G.A. §30-5-4 requires mandated reporting to both social services/regulatory agencies and law enforcement).
  • Financial Capacity Screening: A quick evaluation of the financial capacity of a vulnerable adult.
  • TERF: Temporary Emergency Respite Funds (TERF) is a resource only for law enforcement, social services, and regulatory agencies to assist in the emergency placement, for up to seven (7) consecutive days, of abused, neglected, and exploited at-risk adults whose caregivers have been removed because of illness, arrest or other reasons. TERF is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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For an overview on how to use the GANE app, Download this pdf file. click here .

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