Reports and Data

State Plans
2020-2023 State Plan (pdf)
2016-2019 State Plan (pdf)
2012-2015 State Plan (pdf)

Just the Facts
Just the Facts 2018
Just the Facts 2017
Just the Facts 2016
Just the Facts 2015
Just the Facts 2014
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Just the Facts 2012

Adult Protective Services
APS Referral Form (pdf)
APS Referral Form (word)
Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation of At-Risk Adults
The Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services presented before the Georgia Senate Aging Study Committee on November 19, 2012.

Elder Support
Georgia State Plan to Address Senior Hunger
Benefits Guide for Older Georgian 2019
Alzheimer’s Disclosure Form (pdf)
Georgia's Law on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (pdf) 2017
Georgia Advance Directive For Health Care (pdf) 2016
Guardianship Law in Georgia (pdf) 2017
Medicaid Information for Long-Term Care 2019 
Temporary Health Care Placement Decision Maker Booklet v04 (pdf) 2017
Caring from a Distance (pdf) 2019
Alternatives to Guardianship with Advance Directives (pdf) 2019

Final Arrangements
Details of My Final Arrangements (pdf) 2017
Do I Need a Will?  (pdf) 2016
A Guide to Funeral Homes, Crematories, and Cemeteries (pdf) 2019
Deceased Depositor Claim Form and Affidavit (pdf) 2019

Aging Careers in Georgia: Opportunities for State-Level Interns

Forensic Special Initiatives
At-Risk Adult Abuse Card
Mandated Reporter Brochure
Sexual Assault of Older Adults Brochure
GANE App Brochure

A report on the unmet needs for non-emergency senior transportation
A report on the unmet needs for non-emergency senior transportation - Appendix